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Perimeter Floor Drainage Channel


Collects floodwater at the vulnerable wall floor join.

A maintainable perimeter floor drain is required when flood levels increase and/or flood duration increases. Aquadrain is perimeter drainage channel installed within a room and designed to provide additional protection at the vulnerable wall-floor junction.

  • Collects flood water for removal from property.
  • Highly effective at managing floodwater.
  • Installed beneath the floor to collect floodwater.
  • Transfers floodwater to sump for removal from property.

There are two versions available:

Version A - Upstand.

The version with an upstand (A) is primarily used in conjunction with cavity drainage membranes.

Version B - Floor Drain.

The version without the upstand is used where it is not possible to lay the channel directly next to the wall (e.g. uneven walls, large floor areas where it is necessary to increase the level of drainage by laying Aquadrain across the floor).

Corner Pieces & Access Panels

Preformed corner-pieces and t-pieces are available as part of the Aquadrain system to provide accessibility as required under the latest revisions to British Standard BS:8102. These units are simply joined to Aquadrain drainage channel by clicking into place. They contain internal deflector plates to simplify maintenance and are adjustable by up to 5 degrees (3 degrees for t-piece) to allow for the fact that corners in old buildings are rarely true.

Our range of access panel kits for the Aquadrain system provides considerably better access for maintenance equipment such as rods and cameras than is the case when rodding eyes are used. The access panel is hidden behind a skirting board, resulting in much lower visual impact.

Limited Warranty

It is the responsibility of the customer to determine the suitability of the product for the intended purpose. Factors such as installation, workmanship, temperature, surface preparation, weather, curing times and applicator’s skill are beyond the control of the company. Therefore, the manufacturer’s liability is limited to the replacement of the defective material/item only.

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Floor drain - perimeter channel.



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